The Book


This isn’t another book about advertising. It’s an inside look at how companies count on your obsession with food, alcohol, drugs and sex to drive behavior modification—permanently. 

By the time you finish FADS Marketing, you’ll have new insights about:

  • Food: What marketers know about food-related trigger points; the five senses and stuffing our faces; specialty foods for special consumers.

  • Alcohol: Why booze and the law is a match made in hell; mainstream alcohol marketing featuring weirdos; everyone’s doing it (selling alcohol).

  • Drugs: Marketers know we love a quick fix; yes, you are depressed; the Cannabis revolution.

  • Sex: Marketers know everyone fears rejection; you’re gross, no sex for you; who needs ‘live nude girls’ when you’ve got sex robots?

Each chapter features expert interviews and wraps with Harris’ predictions for what’s coming next. Anyone who’s worked with him won’t be surprised to see that some of them are already happening. 

The Author


As the Founder of THINC B2B Digital Marketing and Management Consultants, Tony Harris is close to the brands that define our digital lifestyles. He travels extensively worldwide providing executive business counsel to the companies that sell things you never think about. Circuit boards that make your phone work. Parts that make cars run. Components behind the screens of deluxe movie theaters. 

In FADS Marketing, Harris holds nothing back while explaining how FADS have become so relevant in a technology-enabled world. With straight-faced candor, he explains that humans are easily manipulated and marketers know it. That’s why the FADS that drive us wild say we’re fat, we’re no fun, we need to relax, and we’ll probably die alone. 

Based on his unique yet low-profile role in the future of global digital marketing, Harris shares insights about the FADS that influence our relationships with food, alcohol, drugs, and sex. And then, he pinpoints trends so influential you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.